What Everybody Should Know About Working Moms
What Everybody Should Know About Working Moms
What Everybody Should Know About Working Moms


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What Everybody Should Know About Working Moms

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All over the world, working moms have become role models for their kids. They show that with hard work and education, their children can dream and fly high.

On behalf of Mother’s Day, FASHINNOVATION wants to prest an homage to those women. The incredible super-woman do their best at their job and are also unconditionally dedicated to their kids.

Being a Working Mom Doesn’t Affect Your Children

A Harvard Business School study found that adults raised by moms who worked outside of the home experienced significant career boosts of their own. The research also stated that working moms’ children become adults as happy as the ones raised by home-staying moms.

“People still have the belief that when moms are employed, it’s somehow detrimental to their children,” says McGinn, the Cahners-Rabb Professor of Business Administration. “So our finding that maternal employment doesn’t affect kids’ happiness in adulthood is really important.”

This isn’t about raising happier kids, she continues. “When women choose to work, it’s a financial and personal choice. Women should make that choice based on whether they want or need to work, not based on whether they are harming their children—because they are not.”

Working Moms: Empowered Women, Empowering Women

Jordanna Guimarães is co-founder of FASHINNOVATION and also a mother of two beautiful little girls. She balances her entrepreneurship work with taking care of her kids. Before going to work she remembers “that what I’m building with the business is for their future and also to inspire others, which is what I would love for them to also do for others as they grow.” 

With her hard work, she is an inspiration not only in the business area but also at her home. “I tell them when I work too much or go to work that “mommy is going to work to clean up the world” and so now, my babies always say “mommy – I want to come and clean the world with you” and that is beautiful”, Guimarães proudly says. 

That’s all working moms are about: inspirational role models that are proving to the world that women can work hard and raise good people. For a long time, little boys dreamt of becoming engineers and astronauts while little girls of being secretaries and nurses. But a study published by Fatherly showed that while little boys continue to dream about becoming athletes and firefighters, more girls are now also dreaming of becoming scientists or doctors.

That’s what another research by Harvard, done in 2015, has proved. The study shows that women raised by working moms are more likely to be employed, work as supervisors and earn at least 23% more than women with at-home moms. That means, seeing their empowered mothers working, has shown little girls that, despite what society commonly tries to set up, they can do whatever they want. From teachers at pre-school to rocket engineers. 

5 Positive Effects of Working Moms In Their Children & Society

Working moms don’t positively affect only their children. Their actions, mindset, and hard work are proving that their impact goes beyond the households.

1. They instill a strong work ethic in their children

Kids that grow with parents dedicated to the housework and also who head out to work daily, understand fasted that nothing comes easy. The routine commitment of a mother who has responsibilities in the workplace sets the foundation for the next generation to do the same.

2. They teach their kids to be adaptable and help with housework

Expect the unexpected and work with it. Working moms tend to teach their how to react  Once there’s not always one of the parents at home, these children tend to adapt easily to new routines. They tend to be also more independent and to help more in house duties. 

3. They showcase the value of teamwork

Working moms have more tranquility when having a support system they trust. Be it a partner, family members, or caregivers, she is aware of their importance. Working with them as a team can ensure that both work and home fronts thrive. Once the kid sees people who care for him/her help out and support each other, they see the essentiality of teamwork from a young age.

4. They raise more empathetic and caring sons

Research done by Harvard Business School revealed that boys with working mothers are more empathetic, tend to contribute to work around the house as adults, and spend more time caring for children and family.

5. Working moms can better manage quality time with their kids

Working moms spend many hours of the day focused on work. So, when they have a free period they want to make the best use of it with their children. Therefore, working mothers must understand the time to stop working and have quality time with their children.

Working moms tend to dedicate a lot to their jobs and kids, but sometimes forget about themselves. Even with all the daily, tasks women can’t forget to work on their confidence and self-esteem. Check out our article about that!



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