Wellness in the work place
Wellness in the work place
Wellness in the work place


Team Bulding & Entrepreneur Journey

Wellness in the Workplace: the key to having a good team & long-lasting entrepreneurial journey

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One of the many dreams entrepreneurs have is to build a trustful and strong team. However, that’s not an easy task. Creating an environment that puts wellness in the workplace on top of the priority list is an issue many faces.

Keep reading to learn everything about wellness in the workplace!

All in this together

As an employee, an entrepreneur, or have any other type of business activity, you need to know that is important to be able to collaborate well with others. We spend one-third of our lives working in a work environment. As people call it the “rat race” can take a toll significantly on health and wellbeing in the workplace. Not only is it important to work with others as a team but prioritize wellness and health within too. Read more to find out. 

Wellness in The Workplace Means Life Health

WIth Covid-19, we live in a current era where technology and social media impact everything. If you don’t have at least a phone and computer, people see you like a caveman. With outside opening up, health in the workplace is taking a giant step for the benefit of the team. 

According to the CDC on having wellness in the workplace “maintaining a healthier workforce can lower direct costs such as insurance premiums and worker’s compensation claims. It will also positively impact many indirect costs such as absenteeism and worker productivity”. 

Ways to make the workplace healthier is doing health education classes or forms before and after the hiring of an employee. Being encouraging to the coworkers takes care of their physical fitness such as going to the gym. Rules and regulations, such as a drug-free policy, especially while on the job, must exist. There should be benefits for workers in all jobs providing health insurance that if it’s not free at the very least affordable.

Communication major key 

At Footaction there is a program daily to ensure all employees are practicing healthy habits in the workplace often. Because of that, we were able to have nobody sick at the workplace. Always washing hands and wearing masks we set the standard for working as a team in the workplace in being healthy. The best ability is available in the retail industry. Always being able to be at work means more money and being seen as reliable by superiors at work.

Everlasting Peace

Being able to be well mentally, physically, and emotionally is very important working with a team for well-being. With Employee wellness, its programs usually teach stress management courses, yoga, emotional outlets, and more. With workplace well-being being emphasized seen as a priority the quality within the team will be enhanced wellbeing.

There are numerous ways to have the workplace dedicated to wellness for everyone. The World Health Organization (WHO) made a model of ways to address and handle well beings in the workplace. You want to focus on strong leadership to ensure someone is having your well-being being a priority. Have workers get a say in what would be helpful for them as their voice matters. Just as schools have committees there can be a wellness committee in the workplace. This committee is known as human resources. Responsibilities are recruiting candidates, hiring the right employees, process payroll, conducting disciplinary actions, updating policies, maintaining employee records, and more. Going as far as doing social events to make the bonds at work will make it comfortable and more appealing team bonding. As stated you spend the majority of your time outside of your own home at work why not get comfortable with your team. 

Do your homework on wellness

Even before going to commit to a job with a team, prior research is key. Look for employers who emphasize wellness in the workplace. Before an interview and also during it, ask how they put wellness and health first within the workplace with the team present.

Thankfully programs have been getting established in the workplace, but do not let it go to waste not taking advantage. You can find out if there are programs by human resources representatives or workplace health insurance that is offered. Take that trip to Dubai when allowed to and take breaks being kind to yourself. Though it is required to get breaks and vacation some may not do it leading to overload. Being able to take breaks you can get your work stamina back working effectively avoiding the chance to crash at work. A lot of people feel forced or have a back to the wall with having to work so much to make ends meet but burning helping will not be as beneficial as being able to get peace.

Teamwork makes the dream work 

What’s going to work…teamwork! By making sure health and wellness are a priority it helps avoid many risks to help physically and mentally. Women who work extremely long hours have a higher chance of diabetes. There was a study on how women who worked over 45 hours’ chances increased by a whopping 50%! For both men and women just working for a long time increases the risk for cardiovascular disease with bad heart problems. It gets worse depending on how intense the workplace is which is why it is so important to have wellness and health a big focus in the workplace.

The increase of health and wellness in the workplace causes a significant jump in productivity. Job retention is higher, people recommend work at the destination, you actually look forward to waking up to head to work which is rare for many jobs.  For health and wellness in the workplace, it can’t ever be perfect. However, that doesn’t mean settling for less. Today, with more mental health resources now than ever going to work just got a lot more exciting. 

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