How 21st Century Technology is changing the meaning of Clothing
How 21st Century Technology is changing the meaning of Clothing
How 21st Century Technology is changing the meaning of Clothing



How 21st Century Technology is changing the meaning of Clothing

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In the 21st Century, technology has become the most essential component of human habitat. And, this naturally applies to the fashion industry.

During the pandemic, the fashion industry has been seeking a variety of virtual solutions. Virtual Fashion acts as a driven factor that headlines what it means to redefine clothing by providing a more eco-friendly and sustainable option within the fashion industry – not only for the consumers but also for the designers. 

Today we will investigate why Virtual Fashion has become the newest fashion trend.

What Is Virtual Fashion? -Thriving 21st Century Technology

Just like the name, Virtual Fashion is done completely digitally and does not include any physical outcomes. Virtual Fashion is a technological innovation that virtually generates lifelike garments. 

Summing up, consumers will be receiving virtual garments in place of receiving physical garments. The benefit is to seamlessly utilize these virtual garments in any digital photos or even be worn by virtual avatars. 

Why Virtual Fashion?


21st Century Technology can be the solution to 21st century waste. The fashion industry has always sought sustainable solutions for the waste it produces. Without producing the physical garments, virtual fashion can achieve zero water waste, zero materials waste, and zero pollutions. Upcycle and recycle are both effective methods to reduce mass production waste. Even though, they are not as efficient as virtual fashion when it comes to eliminating waste that is caused by overbuying.

Virtual fashion provides consumers the chance to a greater contribution to environmental conservation while simultaneously having fun shopping for the latest releases and stocking up on core pieces. Along with that, consumers can showcase their purchases on social media and generate content using the virtual products they’ve bought.

Fashion Designer

For fashion designers, virtual fashion not only contributes to reducing production waste but also generates innovative designs that conventional making methods cannot achieve. It is a great opportunity for young designers who do not have the initial funds to up-start their own brands.

Due to the adversities caused by the pandemic – lack of workspace and shared teamwork, as well as inefficient resources and materials – members of the fashion industry took the initiative to find opportunities to overcome these challenges. Existing brands took the opportunity to use virtual fashion. With they are changing their behavior and actions. In other words, creating different virtual advertisements, virtual fashion shows, and much more. Through this innovation, one could argue this acts as a more improved method of navigating through the fashion industry. 


What consumers are looking for has changed due to the growth of 21st Century technology. With new trends frequently popping up on our feed, social media plays a huge role in influencing consumer purchases, which only feeds to this emotion. 

It is common to see new, up-starting influencers branding the latest releases or garments. As consumers, virtual fashion is a platform that seamlessly allows their outfits to be posted on social media without feeling guilty about wearing what they purchased only once. It’s perfect for fashion bloggers to produce content without waste and for regular consumers to purchase garments they wouldn’t wear daily.

Virtual fashion provides an opportunity for the fashion industry to make a cyber revolution. It’s a gift 21st century technology gives to fashion that introduces everyone in the industry to a new model of creating. There still are more approaches to utilizing virtual fashion that brands, companies, and consumers can explore. Therefore, let’s wait and see how 21st century technology redefines the current fashion industry.

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