TikTok - The Viral App That Is Changing the Fashion Industry Communication
TikTok - The Viral App That Is Changing the Fashion Industry Communication
TikTok - The Viral App That Is Changing the Fashion Industry Communication


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TikTok: The Viral App That Is Changing the Fashion Industry Communication

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If you are part of the fashion industry or a fashion lover and you’re not on TikTok yet, we suggest you jump right in. Or, at least, be aware that this social media is a phenomenon in the whole world. 

Fashinnovation just got an account on TikTok media. Because of that, recently we started to get in touch with the intriguing and unique vocabulary that TikTokers use. But, if you’re not familiar with it yet, don’t worry! We’ll tell you the principal things you need to know about the short-viral-videos app.

What Is Tik Tok?

TikTok is a sharing viral-video app. Those short videos can be recorded as well as edited on the app itself. 

TikTok is called Douyin, in China. The app belongs to the Chinese tech company ByteDance. It was released in 2016, but it really became popular in 2019. The app is the audience leader in Asia, the USA, and many other countries around the world. And, with the pandemic, the app has got even bigger, once it became an outlet for self-expression. 

How Tik Tok Has Been Changing Fashion

Many brands, from different sectors, are finding on TikTok a way to gain awareness. Fashion brands, companies from the industry, and influencers are using the app as a way to be seen. Take Wisdom Kaye for example. He does outfit and fashion videos and has over 5 million followers. In the past year he’s signed with IMG Models and now works with brands such as Balmain and Dior. 

As the fashion world has always been open to new trends, the app is humanizing companies. In other words, the global community is now being able to personally know designers and who’s behind the big brand names in person

Along with that, once the videos go viral in a global community, talks about sustainability and important issues are getting more audience. That is because brands and companies – like us -, are using the app’s capabilities as an educational resource. 

A good thing that TikTok, also, has been doing for the fashion industry is that it’s democratizing our understanding of fashion. That’s because information travels really fast on the app and fact videos about specific topics have a real space on TikTokers hearts. Plus, it is making dream career pathways in the fashion world accessible in ways they weren’t before. People, small brands, good and revolutionary ideas are being seen more each day. 

Most Important TikTok Vocabulary 

Like most social media, TikTok has its own vocabulary. It may seem weird for you when opening a video, you see loads of hashtags, slangs, and impact phrases. So, in order to make you really understand the app and interact with us on Fashinnovation’s TikTok page, here are the most used TikToker words. 

  • FY and FYP – those are abbreviations to “For You” and “For You Page”. The terms usually accompanied by a hashtag, refer to the main feed of the app: the ‘for you’ page;
  • POV – this means “Point of View”. This tag when making a videos video according to someone’s point of view;
  • VSCO Girl – it’s basically a style. VSCO girls commonly use hair scrunchies, oversized T-shirts. They also love Hydro flask water bottle. The term “VSCO” comes from the camera app VSCO;
  • Ok, boomer – the kings and queens, so far, of TikTok, in other words, gen Z and millennials, are retaliating against the baby boomers’ perception of them with the phrase, “OK, boomer.” So, when someone says “Ok, boomer” to something or someone, they are basically calling that thing old, out-of-touch, and resistant to change;
  • Trash – horrible, ugly, and other derivations of it. TikTokers use that to say that something is unacceptable, not good, quite close to terrible;
  • Goals – Use it when something or someone inspires you. It can be used when an outfit is really cool and beautiful, you can say “outfit goals”; 
  • Yasss – You can use it in a situation of a strong agreement to something or to hype someone up, make a compliment; 
  • Squad – Your group of people, the ones you hang out with;
  • Eboy or Egirl – Often stereotyped internet users that tend to use a lot of dark colors, showing a punk-rock style. 

TikTok offers an amazing and omnibus world, full of possibilities – including business ones. So, if you’ve decided to download the app or, perhaps, you’re already on it, don’t forget to follow @fashinnovation.nyc on it. 

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