Tailwind - The Assistant Everyone Needs
Tailwind - The Assistant Everyone Needs
Tailwind - The Assistant Everyone Needs


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Tailwind: The Assistant Everyone Needs

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Upon the internet, fascinating changes shaped the 21 century culture. Within only 20 years, the Internet not only connected the world building all sorts of relationships across the globe but, it conceived one of the most compelling tools in today’s age — Social Media. It is, in fact, hard to imagine that phenomenon of Instagram is only 9 years and 9 months old. Being launched in October 2010, it was caused irrevocable disruptions not only in how people act, but how business work. No longer can a company succeed without an Instagram page and its power can no longer be ignored considering that it was build a multimillion dollar industry: bloggers. Instagram’s platform is one of the countless platforms that serve as a tools to connect every cause to their respective audience by building a relationship and constructing a community. No one can be oblivious to its relevance and, in fact, no one is.

Thus, consequent to its evolving influence and power, Tailwind — a visual planning app — was developed as a tool to help businesses in the fashion industry deliver an impactful and creative message through Instagram and Pinterest. In 2011, while building Bridesview.com,the first version of Tailwind was created as PinLeage. It was fashioned for Pinterest purposes only and it was designed to identify brides-to-be using pinterest to plan their weddings. The success upon the idea brought Tailwind to Instagram where it now helps more than 500,000 small business, influencers and brands around the world to create digital content that would reach their target audiences. Perhaps, there is no better time to acknowledge the growing competition that fashion brands and designers are experiencing from Instagram. In only the first months of 2020 ad spend on instagram reach an average of 20 billion dollars. Luxury brands like Gucci, Dior, and Louis Vuitton have an out reach of 34.9 to 25.55 million followers (average), according to statista. The increasing pressure for brands to have a digital presence will only continue to grow.

Thus, Tailwind is designed to help fashion designers, brands, models and influencers to stay consistent and to stay on budget. Its main focus is to assist with built-in content plans and post inspirations, to confidently optimize each post to stand out with smart schedules and hashtag planners, drive more traffic with an auto-updating bio link and guarantees a cohesive visual experience with a feed planner. In other words, Tailwind app, is the new and personalized smart assistant for all who wants to build-in a curated digital presence and skip all the time consuming and old-fashion work by transferring these tedious works to a new marketing tool. Tailwind has become an official marketing developing partner for Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Learn more at www.tailwindapp.com/about.



* Writer by Bernarda Chiriboga




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