Sustainable Lunch Bags Can Help You Save Money And Live a Healthier Lifestyle
Sustainable Lunch Bags Can Help You Save Money And Live a Healthier Lifestyle
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Sustainable Lunch Bags Can Help You Save Money And Live a Healthier Lifestyle

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Eating healthy is good for your body and mind. We know that with the daily routine, it is hard to keep a balanced diet and also keep up with the agenda. But, using lunch bags to take all that’s necessary with you can be the perfect choice in order to have a healthier alimentation and also, save some money at the end of the month. 

The Frightening Food Data in the USA

According to Nutrition Statistics and Facts 2021, done by Policy Advice, less than 10% of US adults adopt and stick to the recommended vegetable guidelines. Also, since 1970, child obesity has quadrupled, and adolescent obesity — tripled.

As stated by Statista, 71% of Americans believe they could eat in a healthier way. With all the daily activities, it’s common that outside workers and students choose to eat in a restaurant or cafe. Because of that, commonly people opt for a faster meal, and health is commonly left aside. 

But what if you start cooking your own meal before going to work or school and start using lunch bags to take your food?

Adopting Lunch Bags to The Daily Routine Can Be The Key to Success

By packing your meals, you are not only taking care of your health but you are also saving money and contributing to the environment. Not convinced yet? We will give you 4 reasons why you should adopt lunch bags every day.

1. Cooking and taking your own food saves money

Eating out is an expendable cost that can be replaced with a cheaper option: preparing your food and taking it daily with you and your kids. For us to have an idea, let’s calculate. Eating out every day could cost an average of $10 per meal –  we know that in NYC prices may vary, but here we are taking a base price. With 261 working days/year, that adds up to $2610/year!

Taking your own food is not free, but it’s for sure cheaper. Some restaurants charge approximately  300% mark-up on the items they serve. Let’s assume that cooking home will cost approximately $4 per day. At $4/day, that adds up to $1044. This means you will be saving around $1000 every year.

2. Using lunch bags will reduce your ecological footprint on the environment

The more we buy, the more we throw away. Mainly, when we eat out or order takeout, the number of packages that come and are discarded contributes even more to the increase of garbage on the planet.

According to a 2015 study by the EPA, Americans threw out 262.4 million tons of trash and 137.7 million tons ended up in landfills. When you pack your lunch, you can opt for glass food keepers and sustainable cutlery. 

3. Eating healthier makes us feel better

Have you ever compared how your body feels after eating an apple or jam bread, to when you throw yourself into a fast food meal? Eating healthy doesn’t need to be complicated. When packing your lunch, you’re in complete control over what you eat. You know exactly what’s in there. Having a healthy meal can be easy and also really tasty.

4. Using lunch bags you’ll have more time to relax and do what you like

Most workers have about an hour for lunchtime. If you already have your healthy meal in your lunch bag, you won’t need to go out to grab something to eat. That means extra time to relax. So why not use that time to eat in a park close to work, chill out a bit before starting to work again, or even use that time to read the book you’ve always wanted. 

We’re living in a time where it seems as if we’re always so busy being busy. When in fact, we really need some quiet moments throughout the day that puts us on pause so we can remember to breathe and bring ourselves to the present moment.

Meet DaCosta Verde: Beautiful and Eco-conscious Lunch Bags For Your Daily Routine

DaCosta Verde in Portuguese means “from the green coast”. It is a guilt-free brand focused on the environment and on our well-being. They design beautiful eco-stylish lunch bags that will not only complement your daily outfit but also help you on a healthy diet. 

All DaCosta Verde’s lunch boxes are produced in a small Brazillian workshop, owned by the founder’s family. The bags are made in an ethical and eco-conscious way and composed of high-quality material. Therefore, with good care, they can have long durability. 

Most of the lunch bags are made of PVC, PEVA, or aluminum which is not recyclable, nor biodegradable nor food-safe. But, not DaCosta Verde’s. Their cute lunch bags are 100% food-safe, recyclable, leak-proof, odor-free, rip-resistant, and antibacterial, offering an innovative easy-to-clean lining material. Plus, they are always working towards improving their products and making them more and more sustainable.

DaCosta Verde products are the perfect combination of eco-consciousness and style with a healthy lifestyle. And there’s more! Knowing about the rainforests’ importance, DaCosta Verde, along with SOS Amazônia, plants a tree every time one of its items is purchased. The brand has a lot of products and good news on the way. So stay tuned to their Social Media to see what’s coming next. 

Did you enjoy this article? We encourage our community to keep going after more information, so check out this article on how to consume sustainably

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