An entrepreneur and philanthropist at heart, with more than 20 years of experience in building companies and a forte in startups. Nick Romeo’s visionary leadership helped launch and assist businesses and brands across various industries: CPG (consumer packaged goods), construction technologies, energy, not-for-profit and technology.

Skilled and well rounded, Nick brings a dynamic edge to strategy building, product development & placement, sales and marketing, branding, business management, team building and mentorship; as well as a keen eye to new and emerging trends within company sectors, adding to his established track record of creating disruptive solutions to real world problems.

Currently the CEO and Co-Founder/Visionary at Pickups Inc, Nick is on a mission to disrupt the last mile industry, harnessing the power of freedom and leveraging technology to continue to build the largest global logistics market place.

When not working on the next disruption, Nick devotes his time helping children with Intractable Epilepsy find alternative medicine and treatments for a better quality of life, as well as continuing to build water wells in Cameroon, providing impoverished villages an opportunity for clean and safe drinking water. Two missions – making a difference one project at a time!