Harjas S Singh is the CEO, Co-Founder and Product Development lead at Reistor, a conscious brand making sustainable fashion accessible to a wider audience. Harjas also manages textile and apparel R&D for Samraths, an export house based in Mumbai.
Harjas and his Co-founder and sister Mehma, launched Reistor as a way of advocating for sustainability within the fashion industry while creating thoughtful and design-led garments. Reistor is truly a labour of love and learning where the brother and sister duo have been involved from seed to shelf and beyond.

With a debut collection that is 100% hemp, Reistor aims to bridge the gap between fashion and sustainability. The designs are inclusive, contemporary and timeless while offering something for every type of customer. From simple tops and dresses that you can wear while you work from home to more tailored shirts and trousers that easily transition into an ensemble for your next dinner, each piece has been handcrafted keeping a modern lifestyle in mind.
Harjas has spent 20 years in the fashion business, from product development and research to sales development across the globe. From customers in the USA to China, Harjas has served several niche markets creating and curating fashion fabrics and apparel. He is also actively involved in Blue C Scrubs, another D2C medical uniform venture launching in early 2022.

Harjas is passionate about keeping sustainable practices at the heart of Reistor, and is constantly championing mindful living. He holds a Bachelor of Science in sales management from Purdue University. Harjas is also a trustee of the Takkar Charitable Trust, where he contributes to the administration of welfare schemes. In his free time, he continues to read and build on his knowledge to live a mindful life and by traveling the world