A trailblazer in the field, Daina brings more than a decade of experience in growing and developing technology companies focused on harnessing and processing complex data and AI. As a published author in multiple leading research journals, Daina is also in demand as a keynote speaker on machine learning-based retail innovation and data analysis in the apparel industry. An active angel investor of technology startups, Daina is a mentor for startup accelerator programs including Techstars and IgniteNI where she advises burgeoning tech companies on their financing and product development strategies.

With a background in Engineering and Data Science, Daina conducted and patented groundbreaking research in biophysics and optical imaging at MIT and UCLA. She then combined her family background in the apparel industry with her bioengineering expertise to start Bold Metrics. The dynamic AI technology that Bold Metrics has developed helps empower brands to address their size and fit-related challenges while improving their sustainability and optimizing operations.