Project Moment Designs - Empowering Women Through Fashion
Project Moment Designs - Empowering Women Through Fashion
Project Moment Designs - Empowering Women Through Fashion


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Project Moment Designs: Empowering Women Through Fashion

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Jessica Santander has been a jewelry designer since she was a little girl. However, it wasn’t until she was inspired by other women entrepreneurs that she created her jewelry brand. Project Moment Designs was created not only as a way for Jessica to express herself, but also to contribute to empowering women and make them feel beautiful. 

Empowering Women: The Beginnings of Project Moment Designs

When Jessica Santander started her business, she was at a low point. She should have been happy, after two years of unemployment she finally found a job. “I felt like I needed to have this job,” says Jessica. “But I wasn’t happy.”

At the same time she hears about women in business and women entrepreneurs from magazines and businesses. These stories inspired her to want to be like these women, and to want to help other women. That’s why representation is so important- when you see someone like you do something you didn’t think was possible, it creates a spark,

And that spark was lit inside Jessica. She decided to quit her job and start Project Moment Designs.

Self Taught Entrepreneur

Jessica knew she wanted to start a jewelry business because that was always what she was always passionate about.  But she didn’t take any fashion classes in college and had no experience in the fashion industry except for one internship.

So, inspired by others who did so before her, she went to YouTube. There she found a treasure trove of tutorials and advice on how to start her business. She combined what she learned there to her own personal tastes and experiences. She wanted her brand to make women feel comfortable and beautiful.

“I love the way that your jewelry can really complete an outfit, can really speak to a woman personally and be something that represents you in such a unique way,” says Jessica. “So it’s all about finding the color stories, and having that strong aesthetic.” 

Empowering Women

The first collection Jessica made was mainly bracelets. “I’m a major fan of geology,” says Jessica. “And I just love learning about the different meanings of the stone and the energy that each possesses.”

Jessica says every stone has a different energy and she would try to make a story with the stones and colors. When she is making any piece of jewelry, the customer is always on her mind. She will talk with different women what event they want to wear the jewelry for. Then, she will match them with a piece that will amplify their mindset. 

“Our first collection were mainly bracelets, we launched about, I think, nine bracelets, one necklace. And that was just you know, the basics of it, just main, earthy colors. And to this day, one of the bracelets is still our bestsellers,” says Jessica.

“Each piece creates different stories when it is worn by a woman,” says Jessica. “I love to share pieces that remind women of how empowering and ambitious we are as a woman in general.”

And that’s what fashion should be about- empowering yourself. Within the industry fashion is looked as a way to be pretty for others. This is especially true for women. But fashion is so much more than that. It is an art form, and it should inspire women to be courageous and confident. Just like Jessica’s jewelry does. 

4 Tips For Women Who Wish To Open Their Own Business

If you are also a woman looking to start your own small business, check out these tips from Fashinnovation’s co-founder, Jordana Guimaraes:

  1. Be Fearless! Shut out the outside voices, focus on your inner voice, and go for it.
  2. Be Consistent and Persistent! Persistency is key in getting things done and getting those around you that you want to bring into your circle.
  3. Have Fun! Because at the end of the day your business takes most of your time.
  4. Last but not least, make sure you do something with Transparency and something that is part of your mission and your values because Personal Branding behind what you do is what’s going to resonate with people.

You can check out this video and more great advice on Fashinnovation’s instagram!

You can also check out Project Moment Designs here!




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