Personalization in the Print on Demand World - The Future of the Fashion Industry
Personalization in the Print on Demand World - The Future of the Fashion Industry
Personalization in the Print on Demand World - The Future of the Fashion Industry


Print on Demand

Personalization in the Print on Demand World: The Future of the Fashion Industry

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Nowadays, it’s impossible to think about opening a business and leaving sustainability on stand-by. At least, it should be impossible. Thinking about the environment is an important matter and new technologies have emerged to help entrepreneurs with that. Print on Demand is just one of these solutions that companies such as Gooten have been introducing to the fashion market. 

In this article, we’ll explain what Print on Demand is and how it works. We will also learn a little bit more about Gooten. Keep reading!

Why Create On-Demand Services?

You know the story about product inventory, right? For a long time, companies worked with the idea that they should keep a considerable amount of product in their stock. That way, when the customer placed an order, they could respond quickly.

However, the truth is that this model is incompatible with the current environmental concerns we have. 

One can stock up, but how does one guess which product will sell more? Or better yet, how do you know which product will sell less? After all, if you stock a large amount of a certain product and people don’t buy it, where will those products end up? Will they be discarded in landfills? Will they be burned?

As we can see, there are many questions! All these concerns are extremely valid. And, it was through thinking of them, where on-demand services emerged. But what does that mean? That’s what we’ll talk about next.

What are On-Demand Services?

The sale of customized products continues to be very successful. Printing creative and exclusive artwork on a  piece can be a differentiator for your business.

To sum it up, on-demand services are those that allow the company to produce goods according to customers’ requests. In other words, there is no inventory creation and there is product customization quickly and efficiently. 

As soon as the customer completes their online order, the order gets routed and pushed through to production. And, this production facility works according to the quantities required. In this way, it is possible to avoid waste. At the end of it all, only sold items are being produced. 

Print on Demand

Print-on-demand (or POD) is a processing method in which creates the print in the products according to what the customer wants. In fact, we are not just talking about products in large quantities. The technology doesn’t require a minimum number to start the production.

With print-on-demand, you can create custom designs for a variety of products and sell them under your brand.

The delivery time of your print-on-demand dropshipping is based on the production time and shipping time. Companies such as Gooten automatically route their customer orders to the nearest processing center where items are produced and then shipped.

Print on Demand & The Fashion Industry

As we always say at Fastinnovation, the fashion industry has some urgent issues to deal with. We need to discuss them and bring innovative ideas to the center of the table.

Companies that use services such as print-on-demand in their supply chain have already understood this. Even so, it is important to highlight why this type of service has proven to be a strong bet for the future of the fashion industry.

  1. Sustainability in The Foreground

Gooten, a company specialized in print-on-demand highlighted that this technology is a swift towards sustainability. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 87% of the textile materials for clothing end up in a landfill or, another common option is to incinerate them.

Therefore, with print-on-demand, the stores will produce exclusively what the customers order. There’s no waste and there’s no inventory. The order comes in and the product’s production starts. After it, the purchase goes directly to the customer. 

  1. Easy adaptation to current trends

As much as trends are a big problem for the industry and, for sure, something that came with the increase of consumption, it is impossible to leave them aside. Marketing builds in the consumer the need to have what is super fresh on the market.

Thus, Gooten, a print-on-demand manufacturing company, allows the production of pieces following these trends quickly. There is no problem with pieces that are from “old collections” after all, there is no physical inventory. Therefore, print-on-demand technology provides entrepreneurs with the freedom they want to follow or even test the latest trends in an uncomplicated and risk-free way.

  1. Give your customers’ products the personal touch

Who doesn’t want an exclusive t-shirt? Or a mug that suits your personality? This type of product has a special place in the hearts of consumers. Whether giving a gift to a loved one or purchasing one for yourself, personalized products create a direct affective bond with the customer.

Along these lines, print-on-demand technology easily allows for this kind of customization. The customer can choose exactly how they want their product and the technology delivers accordingly.

Meet Gooten

We’ve mentioned Gooten a few times in this article. Truth is, they provide the best-in-class service when it comes to print-on-demand providers. They help businesses scale without any of the complexity that comes with this type of technology. 

Gooten gives you the possibility to tailor personalized products for your customers in an easy way.

The company works within three main pillars:

  • Speed: Gooten automatically processes, produces, and ships orders for you so you can be hands-off to focus on your business.
  • Accuracy: People make mistakes that Gooten’s automated fulfillment doesn’t — and that means happier customers.
  • Simplicity: Connect as many stores and platforms to Gooten as you’d like, and manage everything from one place.

They work in partnership with some of the biggest e-commerce platforms on the market. Therefore, you can integrate your platform with them, helping you not only create the products but also sell them. 

New technologies have proved increasingly necessary. Through the improvement, new products have arrived on the market bringing solutions to urgent problems. And when we talk about technology, we’re not just talking about big machines and state-of-the-art computers. 

Take a look at our article on hemp fabric and learn more about how to apply innovative ideas to already practiced models.




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