Niki Srinivasa - The Future of Fashion Design
Niki Srinivasa - The Future of Fashion Design
Niki Srinivasa - The Future of Fashion Design


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Niki Srinivasa: The Future of Fashion Design

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“Style should not have a number”, says fashion designer Niki Srinivasa. With only 21 years of age, Niki has proven that numbers are after all just that: numbers. Not only she is one of the youngest fashion designers to participate in New York Fashion Week, but most importantly, she is reshaping the long lasting misconception of the body image and empowering women with a more inclusive brand that inspires body positivity.

As a designer, she says, she was not always into fashion yet she repeatedly saw interested in the form of expression it denounced. For that reason she decided to create an innovative space where technology plays a major role in the evolution of design.

She designed her first sustainable collection, a line to educate society to consider the lasting standards that the fashion industry has imposed over the women’s body and the environment itself — “the problem is in the message, not the body”.

Plus, focusing on a forward thinking approach she’s been able to overcome the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to all fashion designers by showcasing her new collection though a 3D Fashion Show, pivoting technology as the solution and collaborator for fashion to move forward.

These same approach to fashion has not only granted her the International Designers Award but also opened doors for her to collaborate from within the industry making a name out of her brand and out of herself as a designer.

Niki has been featured in Teen Vogue as the ‘It Girl” and she has collaborated with well recognized and influential brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas and Hourglass cosmetics. And she continues to grow and establish a brand where all women can express themselves by embracing their differences and turning them into a super power.

About Niki:

Born and raised in California, Niki always had an interesting insight towards fashion. Not being able to completly relate with how fashion was being depicted through media, fashion became a point of tension. It wasnt until her last highschool years that she discovered that fashion is the means not the message and she soon felt a responsability towards reshaping the retotic of body positivity and authenticity.

Her first collection was thus born out of a creative project meant to tell a story about her. She learned to sew and slowly created a collection that reflected both her Indian culture and her American upbrining. Hence fashion became about art and story telling and she realized that it beared the power to responsibly communicate a message she long thought was being disregarded – body positivity.

After that, her second collection was created during her time at USC, where she invested herself to create a collection very reflective of her at the time: Spring to Joy. The line was designed so that it can be flattering in a variety of bodies, aiming to make people confortable and happy not just when they wear it but when they see it as well.

These became the forefront to her participation in the New York and Paris Fashion Week where she was able to acknowledge the responsability she beared for the talent she held, thus committing herself to make fashion a more inclusive and responsible world.

Her latest contribution was her paticipation on the 3D Fashion Show from Bigthinx. Not only did she accomplish to put an entire collection that was inclusive for all body types, she used recycle material to deminish the environmental impact that the line could possibly have.

Now she aims to continue exploring the fashion world in both a sustainable and inclusive way but expanding her horizons by learning about print making and how an its cycle transformed the missconception of the body image but implementing it in sustainable ways to her designs.

She believes that with the advent of social media, its important for people to share their voices and create a conscious world where brand responsability is at the core of people’s decision making.

The only way to achieve this is by action and example, thus her brand would continue to be true to her identity and values.

For more information visit her website: https://www.nikisrinivasa.com

* Writer by Bernarda Chiriboga




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