How to build a strong networking
How to build a strong networking
How to build a strong networking


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How to build a consistent networking

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Have you ever measured the importance of strong networking when it comes to building a business? Those connections can’t be superficial. They must rely on trust and be meaningful. 

Our world has changed forever with the very way we connect because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Virtual fairs over Zoom have become the new normal which makes it hard – but not impossible – to make genuine connections. It is still possible to create a strong network if that is online or in person. Read more to find out. 

What Networking Is 

Networking is the process of an individual making connections for a job or opportunity to enhance oneself in life. Believe it or not, we have been networking all our lives as we may have not been aware of it. 

For instance, in school we can have a simple conversation during lunch about basketball with your friends and they invite you to play with others after school. From afterschool you end up making friends with the people you play with expanding your network. That right there you just made is a basketball connection and like a domino effect, it started getting bigger. 

Networking tips for shy people 

Networking as a shy person can be scary so go to places if able to with a plus 1. With that person you can have a safety person to rely on. Being with a person you know can lead to a networking referral. That means that you can be introduced to a person through conversation letting the conversation be continued by you instead of starting it. 

It is important to research the event or people you meet prior so in conversation you can bring up something similar to get closer with them making it comfortable. Even starting a conversation before meeting in person with them will help make conversation easier prior to meeting.

Don’t try to force yourself to dominate the conversation quality over quantity. At times it’s good to listen because you are trying to connect with them by getting a foot in the door, not the other way around. Having business cards is impressive so make sure if possible, to have them in handy as you talk with others. And, you can be creative about the business card. It can be a QR Code and a virtual piece.

Networking through Social Media

We live in a social technological age with Covid-19 so, being fluent with your online language is as important as in-person language. Make sure that you are able to connect effectively on social media and present yourself in the best way. 

Recruiters often use social media platforms to probe potential candidates, and even to check out your skills or experience. It’s vital that your resume is up to date standing out. People discuss using email or LinkedIn or other platforms, but proper etiquette must be taken. Have not only the proper greetings towards whom you are reaching out to but don’t go in asking for a job. The whole point of networking is making relationships that are genuine and help open up many doors. 

When connecting online don’t be basic with requesting to connect on platforms such as LinkedIn do something that makes the person feel like you want the opportunity. Using the generic personalized message it just seems like you are clicking away and putting no thought into connecting. Don’t try to connect with as many people you see as quality over quantity. You want to make sure that the connections you have aren’t just to have staying stagnant, but you can actually grow to help you in the long run. 

Networking Success Stories

While at my job at Footaction I was helping a customer with a sneaker. I saw on his shirt he had a logo I had never seen before. I approached him introducing myself and complimented his shirt. He said how he had his own business and it’s called the Cricket Club. It was inspired by his love for the Sport of Cricket since he was a young child in Jamaica. I told him I model and showed him my Instagram telling him to let’s connect. A week later I am in a photoshoot and months later I am featured in multiple pieces on his website getting free clothing. A simple exchange at my workplace led to that networking connection. 

During my time at Bronx Community college I was accepted to the Prestigious program Kaplan Education. I did not know what or where I wanted to apply to but I did know I wanted a college that balanced academics with extracurriculars. With the Kaplan Program there were many scholars who I was able to connect with at my current school at UNC-Chapel Hill that made my transferring smooth. Not only that but I was able to connect with more friends than your average transfer student as I was introduced in the conversations expanding my personal network.  

To Infinity and Beyond

Networking is important but if you are not good at it does that mean the end of the world? Absolutely not, Networking is a skill that always has to be worked on getting better at. You don’t need to have powerful friends, family members or even be at a job to work on Networking. It has already started since you can communicate with others. You never know where your friends, colleagues, or strangers meet end up being, so always look to connect with people you cross into. In this day and age as millennials they aren’t confined to one job or a skill but multiple so that one person you extend yourself can open up many doors for you. 

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