JCRÉ Facilitador Uses Fashion as a Tool to Elevate Talents
JCRÉ Facilitador Uses Fashion as a Tool to Elevate Talents
JCRÉ Facilitador Uses Fashion as a Tool to Elevate Talents


Fashion as tool for good

JCRÉ Facilitador Uses Fashion as a Tool to Elevate Talents

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Fashinnovation’s new brand was launched at the beginning of the week. Since then, the world has prepared to accurately utilize the senses to LISTEN, TALK and WATCH. We’ve done a backstage peek at the new brand’s production and discussed how rebranding can help scale a business. But, in this article, we want to dive deeper into the new brand production and introduce you to JCRÉ Facilitador Institute. 

When we talk about fashion, we also need to talk about inclusion, protagonism, and plurality. Our new brand embraces all of these values. And moreover, it makes it possible to connect us to our Brazilian roots.

The JCRÉ Facilitador was essential for us to take the first steps in building the brand. Furthermore, they were our faithful allies, supporters, and encouragers.

So, we invite you to continue reading this article to learn a little more about this project that does an amazing job in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro. 

Meet the JCRÉ Facilitador Institute 

People take courses with JCRÉ Facilitador and receive certificates

JCRÉ Facilitador was created when Júlio César Lima began preparing girls from the community for casting calls. He based the training on what he read in fashion magazines he found in the trash when he was a doorman. The models began to reach large international markets and world-renowned magazines such as VOGUE.

In other words, through the Fashion and Beauty bias, JCRÉ enters young people into the entrepreneurial market. They offer professional training courses and models with an identity.

JCRÉ is made up of young peripheral visionaries who see entrepreneurial initiatives as tools for transformation. That means they not only help young people to enter the labor market in a more specialized way but also help to break the cycle of poverty.

Júlio César Lima: An Insight that Changes Lives 

Meet Júlio César Lima founded JCRÉ Facilitador

The story we told earlier, in which Júlio trained people from the Favelas with magazines he found, may even seem simple. However, the truth is, it is essential because it transforms lives. 

Julio is the president of JCRÉ Facilitador “formerly JCRÉ Moda”, a social business founded 20 years ago, located in the Jacarézinho favela, in the North of Rio de Janeiro. As he says, “People Transform People”. So, as a facilitator, Julio embraces the mission of helping people in his community to see their abilities to succeed!

The truth is that, as said by Sylvia Vitoriano, producer of the new brand’s campaign, “peripheral people deliver the same – or even better – than any professional in the market.” So what these people need is opportunity. Opportunity to work on what they love, to stop chasing their dreams, and achieve everything they deserve.

Therefore, actions such as the JCRÉ Facilitador become essential in peripheral Brazilian communities. The training of young people through art and culture serves as a lever for them to enter the market with an open heart and with keen technical knowledge.

Fashinnovation & JCRÉ Facilitador

“One of Fashinnovation’s pillars is entrepreneurship with social impact. Therefore, with the support of JCRÉ Facilitador, we launched our campaign for the new brand and the online community platform”, says Marcelo Guimarães, founder of Fashinnovation.

“The main objective of the collaboration is to value and prioritize the resources of the periphery in the communication production process of the new brand and platform, strengthening the creativity and entrepreneurship of these transforming agents, generating international visibility”, Marcelo reiterates.

It was from this partnership that the organization of the campaign for the new brand emerged. Gradually, connections between people were being established, while Jordana and Marcelo built the entire production together with the Rio team.

As Jordana Guimarães, co-founder of Fashinnovation says, “fashion isn’t just about the passion for clothes, it’s more than that. It’s about the passion for people.” Therefore, we understand that our new brand could not be just any campaign. It should generate action, results and, more than that, it would help to explore incredible talents.

To donate to JCRÉ Facilitador and help them continue with this amazing project, just click here! Let’s leverage hidden talents and help people realize their dreams. 

Did you check the article in which we explain more about the new brand? Don’t forget to take a look!



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