Impossible Diamond- Making diamonds out of thin air. Literally
Impossible Diamond- Making diamonds out of thin air. Literally
Impossible Diamond- Making diamonds out of thin air. Literally


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Impossible Diamond- Making diamonds out of thin air. Literally.

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We have all heard the old phrase “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” However, the phrase “diamonds are a girl’s best friend only if they are made from 100 % renewable energy” may have a better ring to it. Ryan Shearman is the founder and CEO of Impossible Diamond, a company that specializes in lab-grown diamond jewelry. With a deep knowledge of entrepreneurship and product innovation, Shearman has created over a hundred consumer products across the electronics and fine jewelry industries. He has dedicated his work to developing products that make the world a better place; thus, Impossible Diamond was born. This company produces diamonds literally from thin air!

For years mining companies have contributed to the pollution in our ecosystem by emitting CO2 into our air and water sources. With little to no regulation, mining is the nation’s largest source of toxic pollution. Impossible Diamond wants to pave the way for a new future for diamonds by showing that these luxuries can do good for the planet. Impossible Diamond removes harmful CO2 from the air and transforms into diamonds using 100 % renewable energy.

This amazing technology has made this company the first ever to produce a gemstone with a negative carbon impact. Saving the planet is a responsibility that Shearman is willing to carry on his shoulders and changing the negative effect that the global diamond trade has had on peoples’ lives is the first step. No one really thinks about the consequences behind these gems when they are proposing to the love of their lives; however, Impossible Diamond wants the story of marriage to be free from compromises.

Shearman has been able to take something as harmful as CO2 and turn it into a thing of beauty that people can cherish for years. By saving water and reversing pollution, this company proves that nothing is impossible!

For more info on Impossible Diamond, subscribe to their newsletter at https://impossiblediamond.com/. Stay tuned on all things fashinnovation and get ready for our worldwide online event April 20th and 21st!

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