The Power of Transformation - How Gifting Brands Changes Lives Through Fashion
The Power of Transformation - How Gifting Brands Changes Lives Through Fashion
The Power of Transformation - How Gifting Brands Changes Lives Through Fashion


Fashion can change lives

The Power of Transformation: How Gifting Brands Changes Lives Through Fashion

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If there’s something we can’t question is: fashion has the power to change lives. And, that means, for the bad, but also for the good.

Here, at Fashinnovation we always make sure to bring to the surface the industry’s biggest issues. To create change, it’s essential to know the truth. In other words, we need to discuss the real condition of garments workers as well as what’s behind the fast fashion industry.

But, hopefully, there are brands out there doing the inspiring job of using fashion to change lives. Using it for good, with purpose and strong values.

In this article, we’ll give you a brief historical perspective of how fashion can be a catalyzer for good causes. We’ll also introduce you to Gifting Brands, which combines the power of upscale retail brands, sustainable inventory solutions, and philanthropy.

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Engaged Fashion Change Lives

When Marc Jacobs used to be Louis Vuitton’s designer, he invested in an important campaign. He undressed famous actresses to make people aware of the risks of skin cancer. In one photo, actress Winona Ryder appears naked with a sign on her back that reads: “Save your ass”.

Photos of her and other celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and Julianne Moore are emblazoned on T-shirts and billboards. The proceeds from the sale of the products were donated to the NYU School of Medicine, which studies, fights, and treats skin cancer.

Another great example of the industry is Viviane Westwood. Known for her punk influence, added to new wave elements, the British fashion designer is an influential figure in mainstream fashion. However, what fewer people know is that she also uses her brand to create positive change. 

Westwood militates for civil rights and political movements, and now the label is actively involved in environmental causes. She established a partnership with Cool Earth and, with it, is the salvation of rainforests. With this project, she has donated more than £1 million to the organization.

Purchasing With a Purpose

“Just by helping one kid, you can change an entire generation”. Those were Jeannie Barsam’s,  Founder & CEO at Gifting Brands, words. Jeannie’s mission is to help solve excess inventory for private label and luxury brands. Along with that, create a fun and fulfilling shopping experience for consumers while giving back to charities that are making a difference in the world.

With that in mind, she came up with the idea of creating Gifting Brands. The marketplace serves as a catalyst for charities that improve the lives of women, children, and families. They do it through a unique consumer shopping experience combining the power of upscale retail brands, sustainable inventory solutions, and philanthropy.

Gifting Brands is for consumers, brands, and community:

  • Brands that have a large inventory and that, at the same time, are interested in helping others find the solution to their problems in the marketplace. They help support charities, earn tax breaks, and more than anything, help change lives. In other words, it is an inventory philanthropy model. Gifting Brands gives retailers a sustainable, charitable method of managing their inventory, reducing environmental impacts, and connecting them with consumers who care.
  • For customers, it’s the alternative for those who want to purchase with a purpose. 100% of the profit goes to charitable organizations. The brand works in partnership with four organizations. Anyone who buys a product has the right to choose which one they want their money to be redirected to.
  • When it comes to communities, Gifting Brands enable consumers to directly impact, empower, and support the lives of women, children, and families through our select charity partners.

Gifting Brand’s Charity Partners

Every purchased item in Gifting Brands helps four different charity organizations. Meet them! 

  1. A Better Chance: This organization stands for education, access, and opportunity. For 57 years, A Better Chance has been creating the leaders of color our world requires. They make a transformational difference in the lives of our future and current Scholars nationwide in grades 6 through 12. 
  2. The Family Place empowers victims of family violence by providing safe housing, counseling, and skills that create independence while building community engagement and advocating for social change to stop family violence.  
  3. Charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.  
  4. TOGETHER WE THRIVE commits to walking beside youth that wears labels of at-risk, homeless, and or fosters youth, to help shed these labels they didn’t ask for nor deserve, to take them from a place of hopelessness and loneliness to a place where they are thriving! There are over 10,000 youth across North Texas that carry these labels through our schools, transitional homes, and the juvenile system.

Jeannie Barsam took part in Fashinnovation’s 3rd edition of Worldwide Talks. Along with her, Theo Killion, Chair of the Board for a Better Chance & Tailored Brands and Board Member at Claire’s shared his inspiring journey proving that these organizations change lives for real! Check out their panel!


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