Raising Gender Equality through Fashion - Meet Naytra Couture
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Raising Gender Equality through Fashion: Meet Naytra Couture

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Gender equality in the fashion industry is not yet as it should be. According to the World Economic Forum, currently, it would take approximately 100 years to eliminate the gender gap. Also, based on the World’s Bank Data only 6 countries out of 187 give women equal legal work rights as men

Gender Equality

As claimed by the Fair Trade women are the majority of makers and consumers of clothing. But, on the other hand, gender equality is overlooked by discrimination and high inequality in the fashion industry. One in six individuals employed work in the fashion industry. Along with that, 80 percent of garment workers are female

On the consumer side, millennial women spend 226 % more on clothing per year than their male counterparts. Still, throughout the supply chain, it’s rare to see women in positions of power, whether at the C-suite level or in managerial positions within the factory system.

Even though this situation is starting to change worldwide, we still have a long way to go. Fashinnovation believes that breaking off women’s inequalities in the workplace and especially in the fashion industry would lead to success. With baby steps, we are sure that we’ll change this reality. So we here to show you a brand that inspires us to keep fighting for women’s rights: Naytra Couture

Gender equality: the wave of change is feminine

“Women empowering women” – Naytra Couture is about gender equality, as Diva Sharma shares (the amazing mind behind the brand’s Social Media). Naytra specializes in creating 100% organic mulberry silk tunics, blouses, and scarves all handmade by its artisans. 

Naytra supports and encourages their Indian female artisans that practice century-old techniques to create unique handcrafted pieces. In addition, the brand gives all credit to its artisans. That means they have a dedicated space on the website to telling their stories and showing the consumer the necessary transparency of #WhoMadeMyClothes.

Gender Equality

They also use natural and organic materials that assure a better sustainable future for mother earth. Paying careful attention to the silk they use, the harmful chemical chosen for painting, and the quality of the pieces. 

The company cuts out the Middleman, that is focused exclusively on profiting. They rarely think about the well-being of the employees. They create a responsible and respectful relationship with their artisans. In other words, their artisans are fairly paid and provided with better working conditions. 

Shagun Sharma, founder & designer of Naytra Couture, proudly states that her brand has a “No Plastic” policy. They also work “as responsibly as we can”, promoting gender equality and providing their artisans with dignified and well-paid work. Inspired by Shakespeare’s statement that says “The eyes are the windows to the soul”, Naytra’s products are colorful, vibrant, and have as their trademark animals with big and shiny eyes. 

Indian culture in fashion

Indian culture is powerful, unique and striking. Their influences in the Western world are many and range from buildings to, of course, clothes. Indian fashion is a mix of vibrant colors, traditional symbolism, and jewelry. 

The sheer amount of diversity and influences that designers draw out of Indian culture is visible on the catwalks and stores. Their clothing is not only beautiful but also full of messages, layers, and glamour that has. For sure, Indian Culture will keep impacting positively, influencing fashion, growing worldwide, and gaining the respect it deserves. 

Júlia Vilaça

Head of Content & Social Media

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Júlia Vilaça

Head of Content & Social Media

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