Feel Comfy and Confident on The Seasonless Off-The-Shoulder Look
Feel Comfy and Confident on The Seasonless Off-The-Shoulder Look
Feel Comfy and Confident on The Seasonless Off-The-Shoulder Look


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Feel Comfy and Confident on The Seasonless Off-The-Shoulder Look

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Women love and deserve to feel confident and, at the same time, comfortable with their looks. But, using an off-the-shoulder top or dress, for example, can be a tricky thing to do. 

Commonly, when using an off-the-shoulder look, people don’t feel free to raise their hands, because the sleeves will keep coming up. Some think that being a woman with big or small breast sizes, they can’t rock with her shoulders showing. Well, we’re here to prove that all of this is wrong! Everyone can feel beautiful in an off-the-shoulder look and we’ll show you how.

How Did the Off-the-shoulder Look Begin?

Also known as the Bardot Look, the showing the shoulder trend derived from a long time ago. It all started in the Regency and Victorian eras. 

Using a dress that bared the shoulders, were at the height of trends in fashion in the early to mid-1800s. But, in the 1960’s, the fashion reference Brigitte Bardot revived the trend by putting her own personal sexy spin on it.

In 2006 the look came back on the runways and different brands started launching new versions of it. At that time, the off-the-shoulder silhouette started appearing everywhere and in many different forms. Even though, truth is, nowadays, the look is seasonless. It can be used every year and in any season, once it’s adaptable. 

Use Your Creativity: Everything Can Become an Off-The-Shoulder Look

Off-the-shoulder is the mark of casual but stylish. From showing off both shoulders to the ones where only one of them is bare while the other remains covered, this look has made its way to cropped tops, dresses, jumpsuits, bridal gowns, and red carpet outfits. 

This kind of clothing is adaptable, versatile, and works well with a variety of clothing that you already have in your wardrobe. Have you ever imagined transforming an old stay-at-home t-shirt into a new off-the-shoulder look? That’s all about upcycling and creating a brand new look with what you already have. There’s a bunch of easy and different online tutorials that teach how to make your own DIY off-the-shoulder

Still not convinced? Here are 4 reasons why you can’t forget and adopt the off-the-shoulder look:

1. Off-the-shoulder looks are casual but classy

As we already said, the off-the-shoulder style can be used in many settings, depending on your choice of fabric and the type of piece you choose. This shows that the off-the-shoulder look is versatile and you’re the one to decide on how you want to wear it. 

2. You can dress up the look

The clothing that allows you to show your shoulders are also very adaptable, and women really enjoy the flexibility that these pieces create. If it’s a little cold outside or you feel like the occasion asks for a more sober outfit, why not put a coat, blazer, or jacket on. This type makes the usage of layers in your favor.

3. Accessories give a special touch to the look

When using an off-the-shoulder top or dress, there’s the possibility to give special attention to the accessories. That’s because, with the neckline on the open stage, beautiful necklaces and earrings have the spotlight. 

Comfort in An Off-the-shoulder Look: Meet Barelastics

When using an off-the-shoulder style, it’s common that people complain about how they are not really comfortable. Raising or stretching your arms ends up having one avoid activities to keep the look in place. However, we must agree that giving up comfort cannot be an option.

That’s what Barelastics are for! It assists in keeping the off-the-shoulder in its place. 

How Does It Work?

Barelastics are 100% adjustable. In other words, it works for everyone, despite breast sizes, type of body, or bra size. By the way, it’s possible to use this even without a bra.

Barelastics adjust to the arms and are pinned in your off-the-shoulder top or dress. They are discreet and adaptable to any garment you already have in your wardrobe. 

Different tops will require different attachment placement along the elastic of your off-the-shoulder neckline. So, it’s possible to adapt it in the best way for each top you own. The Barelastics go inside your top and dress and are attached with a pin without running the garment. They are discreet and help women to feel comfortable to rock out their off-the-shoulder style.

Did you enjoy knowing about how to rock your already owned off-the-shoulder look in a comfy way? Get to know more about ways to be a better fashion consumer.




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