The Power of Fashion Photography! Learn Everything About The Art of Taking the Perfect Click
The Power of Fashion Photography! Learn Everything About The Art of Taking the Perfect Click
The Power of Fashion Photography! Learn Everything About The Art of Taking the Perfect Click


The art of photography

The Power of Fashion Photography! Learn Everything About The Art of Taking the Perfect Click

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Have you always wanted to find out more about fashion photography?

Fashion photography is a complex and super interesting niche for professional photographers.

Whether browsing a magazine or looking at billboards, fashion photography is always present in society. And it takes much more than understanding clothes and aesthetics to conquer this form of art.

Keep reading to know more about fashion photography. We will show the most important aspects of this area and, also, introduce you to Selects Gallery’s fine work!

What is Fashion Photography

Photo: Khaled Ghareeb/ Unsplash

Fashion photography is a genre of photography. It usually accompanies the collection launches and fashion editorials.

This type of photo can be used for advertisements, catalogs or even to convey the aesthetics of a stylist.

Therefore, the photographer must understand the concept of the collection, its target audience and the trim and movement of the photographed pieces.

In fashion photography, the story told by the image must be clear. In addition, images from the same collection must be cohesive and consistent. The identity of the collection and the stylist, as well as the concept of the collection, must be transmitted through the click.

In general, stylists create fashion collections with a persona in mind. That means, before any picture, they decide who they want to achieve with that photoshoot and the message they want to transmit.

The fashion photography market, however, is very vast. So much so that it has been divided into four main genres: fashion photojournalism, beauty photography, editorial and commercial. But, don’t worry, we’ll talk about each one of them later!

To understand this art, we need to go back in the past to see where it all began.

Fashion Photography History: How Everything Began

Photo: Khaled Ghareeb/ Unsplash

Fashion photography history is closely linked to fashion magazines since they were one of the main precursors and contributors of fashion as we know it today. It all started in the mid-1880s when they began to use photographs instead of traditional illustrations.

Baron Adolf de Meyer is often considered one of the precursors, having photographed for VOGUE in the early 20th century.

In 1932, VOGUE published the first color fashion photograph. The photographer Edward Steichen portrayed a girl in a bathing suit, holding a beach ball.

Until the mid-1960s, however, fashion photography was quite different from what we know today. It was only with the work of photographers such as Helmut Newton and David Bailey that we began to give as much focus to the models as to the registered clothes.

After that, photography gained more and more space with time. Now, it’s one of the most important aspects of the industry.

Nowadays, we have so many interesting and inspirational arts all around the world leading the current fashion photography scenario. Among them, there are Annie Leibovitz, Steven Klein, Patrick Demarchelier and many others. 

Types of Fashion Photography

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, fashion photography is a very broad genre. There are 4 different types of it and you need to know them.

Fashion Editorial

The fashion editorial is one of the most used by brands and stylists to present their products to the public.

This type of photography can be published in both magazines and newspapers. The objective, however, is not to sell specific parts. Here, the photographer must focus on selling concepts, behaviors and a message.

Editorial is one of the most important areas for the fashion photographer. This is because these works are usually the ones that project the professional to the market.

Commercial Photography

Commercial fashion photography usually focuses on the promotion and sale of specific pieces. Also known as catalog photographs.

In general, these photos are less produced and less conceptual than the editorials. This is because the focus should be on the item of clothing itself, and not on the models or the concept of the collection.

The objective of the commercial fashion photographer lies in illustrating the fit of the pieces and possibilities of combination, for example. It’s also common that brands to make Fashion Films for the launch of the collection. 

Commercial photography nowadays has been changing a lot. Creativity is extremely important and professionals outstand when they leave their personal touch in their work.

Fashion Photojournalism 

In fashion, photojournalism focuses on documenting this entire universe. It is a work much more linked to facts and reality, than to creativity and innovation. The coverage of photojournalists can include the backstage of a fashion show, the looks presented at fashion week, and also what’s going on outside catwalks with the street fashion.

Another very widespread type is the registration of the look that celebrities wear in important events, such as the red carpet or awards.

Beauty Photography

In beauty photography, the important thing is the hair, skin, and makeup of the models. The objective is usually to sell some product, such as makeup and skincare

Furthermore, campaigns to sell makeup and accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets commonly use this style of photography.

Clicking is An Art: Meet Selects Gallery

Marie Audier D’Alessandris founded Selects Gallery. The gallery is the premier online destination to discover, learn and acquire fine art photography by the best Fashion photographers in the world. Marie’s work with her gallery, therefore, goes beyond selling photographs. She shows what is behind the piece of art, its concept, and the essence that the photographer deposited there.

The Selects Gallery’s mission is to unearth the hidden gems of Fashion photography and create a platform to discover the works of renowned international photographers. They comb through the archives of past and present beauty and fashion images and share their story, their point of view on society, and the photographer’s approach. 

In addition, the gallery works towards sustainability. They work in partnership with One Tree Planted. So for every piece of art they sell, two trees are planted. 

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