Welcome to Fashinnovation HUB - The Fashion Community That Connects Entrepreneurship With Passion
Welcome to Fashinnovation HUB - The Fashion Community That Connects Entrepreneurship With Passion
Welcome to Fashinnovation HUB - The Fashion Community That Connects Entrepreneurship With Passion


Connecting Passions

Welcome to Fashinnovation HUB: The Fashion Community That Connects Entrepreneurship With Passion

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On July 19th, we announced to the world our new brand. As we’ve been saying: with the new brand comes a new phase. New dreams, ideas, and projects. Therefore, on the same date, we spread the word: we are launching a fashion community

For us at Fashinnovation, everything is about connection!

How do you think we get the pioneers and big names of the fashion industry to be our speakers at our events? Or got in touch with some of the biggest brands and companies in the market? 

We are on an incredible journey and we want you together with us.

From Entrepreneurs to Entrepreneurs 

Entrepreneurship is not easy and we know it. 

Marcelo & Jordana started building Fashinnovation from scratch in 2018. They had a dream, some contacts, the desire to change the industry, and hundreds of questions.

In fact, even before Fashinnovation, the two worked closely with entrepreneurs and business people, helping them grow, taking care of their PR, and always thinking about the most assertive strategies.

As you can see, we are like you. We know that every dream has to be big, and that dreaming alone is not fun. Together we are more.

We constantly question ourselves about how we can create the future of fashion. The answer is simple: by looking at the business environment with responsibility, commitment to diversity, sustainable development, and love.

We build connections and create dialogue. We get together people with different perspectives and from different backgrounds. Leaders from other industries, such as NASA, Google, and United Nations have also come together to discuss about fashion and innovation with us. 

We connect different minds, from different areas, towards the same purpose: to create a more sustainable and inclusive industry.

But we want more. We want to scale the conversation and we want you to be by our side. Growing. Together. 

Where? On Fashinnovation HUB!

Why Did We Create a Fashion Community? 

Regardless of the size of the company, the loneliness of the founders and entrepreneurs in decision-making has always been a common challenge. The higher the position, which requires a vision of the Business Owner and CEO, the more complex the decisions are.

But, well, the challenges don’t stop there!

The sharing of information, the lack of an expert’s second opinion on certain issues… Our list could go on and on.

However, what we mean with all of it is: you’re not alone and we’ll show you that.

Entrepreneurs’ Lonely Roads Connecting to Major Highways

With the creation of Fashinnovation, we had the opportunity to broaden our vision. Since 2018, we’ve had more than 450 speakers at the stage of our events. More than 100 hours of content, calls, talks, conversations with industry players and innovative agents of the business ecosystem. 

We realized that people are actually very disconnected. After all, we know there’s a lot of entrepreneurial hearts out there that are afflicted thinking of what the next steps might be and how they can reach a certain person.

And, we’ve learned that with the right connections and the right people, these hearts will beat stronger. 

Therefore, our fashion community comes to take the hand of each entrepreneur and show that there is a world of possibilities, connections, and similarities. We’ll get you to engage with some of the biggest names and pioneers in the market. To read curated content created thinking of you.

People are the Key to Real Innovation

With our audience that grows every day, we got the chance to understand their challenges. And the more we propose discussions, the more questions arise; more doubts prevail, and, therefore, the thirst for information and connection increases.

Then, we’ve come to the conclusion: To innovate in the fashion sector, we must fuse technology and sustainability. 

True innovation comes from a constant exercise of provocation. It is impossible to innovate alone. People are the key.

Our greatest asset is access to a network of incredible and extremely relevant leaders. Connecting, inspiring, and empowering PEOPLE involved in the fashion ecosystem is what we do best. 

Listening, inspiring, and encouraging entrepreneurs and new creative minds is crucial to building a better world. On the two-way path of knowledge, everyone has to LISTEN, TALK and WATCH. But, at the same time, have what to speak about, teach, and complement. 

Our audience is both inspired and inspiring. 

So why not connect everyone through what they are passionate about: Fashion & the desire to be the change!

Fashinnovation HUB: A Fashion Community Connecting Passions 

Remember we talked about the challenges of entrepreneurs? 

Well, we believe that entrepreneurs are constantly facing the following challenges:

  1. A LOT OF INFORMATION, but at the same time, NOT THE  RIGHT INFORMATION for what they need;
  3. A LOT OF ADVICE, but at the same time, NOT THE RIGHT ADVICE they need to hear;
  4. MANY GROUP CHATS, but at the same time, EMPTY CONVERSATIONS.

Our idea is to communicate with accessible and inclusive language. We give you what you’re looking for at the perfect timing: NOW! After all, fashion is now!

If fostering innovation to build a more inclusive and sustainable industry is our mantra, and for innovate we need people. And, summing it up, the result of this equation is our digital community. 

The Fashinnovation HUB is everything any entrepreneur, passionate about what she or he does, needs.

How the Fashinnovation HUB Works

Our hub is the first fashion community tailor-made for fashion entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. It was designed by people that love fashion and are passionate about making connections.

What do we want? 

  • To build strong, valuable, and meaningful connections;
  • To help you to grow;
  • To enrich your entrepreneurial vision and skills;
  • To get you informed;
  • To propose discussions;
  • To question the current system;


That’s simple! Doing what we know best: getting people together and providing information. Our fashion community brings together curated content of high value. It connects different minds, voices, and points of view in one single place.

In other words, we connect you to leaders who are experiencing the same problems. We help you find solutions to grow!

So, if you’re an entrepreneur, a C-level, a rising designer, or a fashion professional: OUR COMMUNITY IS FOR YOU!

Get Your Exclusive Access to Join Us

We want to grow and deliver a community of real value. Therefore, we are opening the platform little by little and, on September 9th, during the 5th Worldwide Talks, we will fully open our doors.
But if you’re eager to participate, stay tuned. The first invitations have already been sent and you can put your name on our waiting list by clicking here!




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