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Fantasy Fashion Week: the fashion game that will engage the “end consumer” with sustainability

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Technology is, for sure, one of the key ingredients to promoting the sustainable transformation needed in the fashion industry, and games are part of this revolutionary wave. But, have you ever imagined a fashion game in which you can have fun and also learn about sustainable actions in the Industry?

Fantasy Fashion Week promises an amusing and informational time for style lovers. The Earth Day 2021 edition, which will take place in April 2021, is the first online fashion tournament centered on gathering fashion enthusiasts to compete with one another.

This fashion game is using gamification to help transition the coveted industry to become more efficient, less wasteful, and more inclusive. This kind of initiative is necessary in order to contribute to people’s awareness and information regarding the problems of the fashion industry. Thus, we spread the ideas of sustainability, transparency, and innovation in the fashion world in a playful, interactive, and interesting way. 

According to Statista, during the pandemic, video games and online sports have increased 45% in the USA, if compared to March 2020. And, the Fantasy Fashion Week, powered by Recleau, is the perfect example that has helped to revitalize the fashion gamification industry during the COVID-19 era.

Fantasy Fashion Week: Sustainability Challenge 

This edition will feature a Sustainability Challenge and offer a set of educational experiences outlining environmental and social issues in the industry. The event has the support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and is focused on showcasing the best practices addressing these issues. 

In the Fantasy Fashion Week tournament, fashion enthusiasts compete in predicting top runway looks by submitting one bracket of 16 looks per designer.  The more popular a user’s choices are, the more points they score. Players are therefore putting their own personal sense of taste to the test. The winner is the player with the highest score.

To earn bonus points, and to unlock more games in the tournament, the players must complete a sustainability challenge. Sustainability challenge comprises multiple games that feature some of the best efforts in reducing fashion’s adverse impact on the environment and promoting diversity and inclusion. 

Fashion Games: what’s gamification?

To sum up, gamification is a marketing technique. It takes inspiration from classic video gaming techniques and aims to use elements such as point scoring and gamers’ competition to promote engagement of a product or service. And, in this case, the main goal is to promote the sustainable change needed by the fashion industry

“Gamification is a proven way to increase people’s excitement and participation in fashion events. With a sustainability-focused tournament we aim to help transition the coveted industry to become more efficient, less wasteful, and more inclusive,” says Gina Chang, co-creator of Fantasy Fashion Week.

As Chang explains that sustainability and the fashion industry issues “are complex and wide-ranging topics, so our goal – with Fantasy Fashion Week – is to present the users a fun, but educational, format to encourage everyone to learn and “play” apart.”

Fashion game powered by Recleau

Recleau is the company in which Fantasy Fashion Week lives in their umbrella. The company is a gamification platform that helps brands build valuable relationships with their customers through gamifying their content and rewarding their customers for engagement. The female-led company was founded to tackle waste in the fashion industry by helping brands operate more efficiently.

By Júlia Vilaça


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