Paying Attention to Corporate Social Responsibility in Fashion is a Must
Paying Attention to Corporate Social Responsibility in Fashion is a Must
Paying Attention to Corporate Social Responsibility in Fashion is a Must


Corporate Social Responsibility

Paying Attention to Corporate Social Responsibility in Fashion is a Must

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The fashion industry is the second largest polluter, according to The CSR Journal. Today, fashion brands are becoming more aware of the social responsibility that comes with the accountability of running a company. Fashion companies that take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) do their part by helping the environment by creating company wide initiatives. 

In this article, we will be showcasing certain fashion brands. They have taken initiative when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Keep reading!

What does Corporate Social Responsibility mean?

According to Forbes, Corporate Social Responsibility, “Means a business’s obligation to pursue achievable and good long-term goals for its people and the world at large.”

When it comes to practicing corporate social responsibility, a company can uphold its image to consumers in a positive way. When companies do practice good corporate social responsibility, it empowers the leaders and employees to leverage their resources to do good. And, those actions are not only for the environment but for the global community as well. Through philanthropic help and volunteer efforts, these types of activities can produce a positive work environment for employees, meaning a stronger company bond. 

Understanding CSR

To engage in CSR, the business is operating in a way where its initiatives enhance society and the environment. Every decision and action is carefully chosen. Some examples of corporate social responsibility would be, the ethical production of products, no animal testing, using eco-friendly packaging. Initiatives like these help the consumer learn more about some of the ways everyday products we use can have a harmful effect on our environment.

Companies that practice good corporate social responsibility

Established in 1995, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has been a consumer favorite for over 26 years. Lush is well known for its skincare and fun bath products. As well as being famous for its ethical production, all products are handmade and fresh. When you pick up a bottle or pot at Lush, you can find stickers of the person’s face who hand-made the product. Along with that, the product includes the date of production as well. One hundred percent of products are vegetarian. When you walk into a Lush store across the globe, you can even find reclaimed wood furniture, talk about eco-friendliness!

Another initiative that is special about Lush, is that the company doesn’t test on animals and fight against this practice. Initiatives that Lush has done in the past, for example, have focused on excessive packaging called “Naked!” This initiative was to educate their customers and other retailers and manufacturers to eliminate packing wherever possible. 

Patagonia and Chloé’s Action Towards CSR

Patagonia is known for their “Better Sweater”, a cozy quarter zip-up jacket available in men and women’s sizes and colors. Crafted from recycled polyester fleece, you can scroll down on their website and look at the process of how their products are made and read about the materials used in the sweater.

Throughout Patagonia’s website and social media, they put the emphasis on letting customers know that they are making a difference in the world through their social responsibility program. From different programs such as their “Worn Wear”, where customers can trade in a clothing item and get credit for another item. The company also established a “Waste Not Collection” in which they craft certain products from leftover materials. Patagonia also gives back to the environment. The brand give 1% for every sale to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.  

Luxury brand Chloé made headlines back in November 2020, when they shifted to an all purpose driven business model. Riccardo Bellini, chief executive officer of Chloé, decided that punctual “collections are not enough anymore,” according to WWD. In one of Bellini’s first interviews since joining the fashion house, he revealed that Chloé had future plans to seek B Corp certification for its social and environmental performance. He also affirmed that the brand wants to establish an impact fund dedicated to girls’ education. Along with that, create an advisory board of experts to guide the company and for accountability and accelerate creative innovation across collections while incorporating social entrepreneurs into its supply chain, as stated by WWD

What does Corporate Social Responsibility mean as a consumer?

Businesses that create positive corporate social responsibility are able to engage better with their consumers, which also creates trust. With trust, consumers can believe and participate in the positive initiatives of the company.

Overall, many companies might not feel the need to engage in corporate social responsibility. However, businesses should consider this model. Companies should consider how they can give back to the environment and society. Corporate social responsibility can help a company attract new consumers and retain employees. If a company shows positive corporate social responsibility, that means compassion towards the employees. When a company cares about its workers, employees feel valued and appreciated. In other words, with compassion comes positive outcomes, such as positive job satisfaction, professional development, and self-worth. When a business shows that they are committed to improving the world, it attracts more customers and admirers. 

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