Brazilian Entrepreneurship is a Story of Resilience

The current pandemic has indiscriminately disrupted the lives of millions across the globe. In fact, Brazil was among the top countries hit hardest by this pandemic. However, not even a pandemic could halt Brazilian entrepreneurship. As we slowly adjust to our new normal, many people have decided to start their entrepreneurial journey. To better understand […]


Make up by famous artistis

Ariana Grande’s style has been known for her iconic ponytail and cat-eyeliner for years now. This year, she decided to step up and release her makeup brand, r.e.m beauty. Based on her songs with an extra-terrestrial vibe, the brand has the premise of affordable, good quality, colorful makeup. But what does this rise in celebrity […]

Should Businesses Practice Social Responsibility?

Within the past few weeks, both Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos had their names in headlines. Rather than describing the insane amount of wealth these men accumulate in mere minutes, these headlines had a different focus. Musk and Bezos were being spotlighted for their acts of individual and business social responsibility.  On Twitter, in an […]

Women Entrepreneurship is an Unstoppable Force

Traditional Role of Women In many countries and in many cultures, women are expected to take on the roles of caregivers. Compared to their male counterparts, society considers women to be more nurturing and delicate. As a result of this outdated belief, opportunities for women to work have been severely limited for centuries. When women […]

Prevent Copying With a Trademark

When we were students, we were taught that is wrong to pass off someone else’s ideas as our own. That is why the importance of giving credit to the original sources is constantly repeated to us. So what happens when we see instances where the work of smaller brands is being copied? Does the trademark […]

What the Fashion Industry Can Learn From Rolls Royce

BMW Rolls Royce Electric Car Rolls Royce, a subsidiary of the BMW Group, made an astounding announcement this year.  BMW Rolls Royce announced that starting in 2030, the company will only sell electric cars. The luxury automaker has declared that it will launch its first 100% electric vehicle in 2023. With this starting point, Rolls […]

Non-binary Fashion: Genderless Brands That You Should Know

Non-binary Fashion: Genderless Brands That You Should Know

In recent years, the LGBTQIA+ community has gained increased visibility. With this heightened visibility, talks about gender and identity have become increasingly popular. Among these talks, the idea of genderless brands often comes up. Genderless Brands Came to Stay Genderless brands are not a revolutionary idea – either is genderless fashion. In fact, fashion is […]

Embracing Cultural Fashion as a Source of Pride

Embracing Cultural Fashion as a Source of Pride

Fashion has always presented a space for creatives to experiment with their ideas, no matter how abstract. The current state of fashion has encouraged even more unorthodox creations and reimaginings. It is easier than ever for designers to find and curate spaces filled with people who will appreciate their apparel. Something that is becoming increasingly […]