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AlphaTauri taking fashion on the road!

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Life in the fast lane AlphaTauri

“A brand that leaves style and sophistication uncompromised in the face of functional design”. This is what AlphaTauri represents. Starting in 2016 as new and fresh modern fashion innovation.

Want to know more? Keep reading to see how CEO Ahmet Mercan turned his vision into reality. 

AlphaTauri’s Vision  

Ahmet Mercan worked his way up becoming a CEO from working with Sony for a few years. To continue, Mercan worked as a business analyst to Puma Group as a strategist and key manager. At Lacoste served as the sales director EMEA. In 2014 he become the General manager of Red Bull being the head of global consumer products. Currently, he is taking the world by storm as the CEO of AlphaTauri.

AlphaTauri after many years separated itself out of Red Bull. The purpose was to order to mix up textile innovations, tackle sustainability and bring a new unique flare to the fashion world.

Alpha Tauri star inspired the named AlphaTauri. The meaning behind it is out of all the stars in the constellation of Taurus the brightest, energy-rich, and most radiant. In fact, the Taurus symbol is the bull connects with the Red Bull symbol of the bull itself. 

Objectives for AlphaTauri

From an interview with Ahmet Mercan, the objective for AlphaTauri is to format a path that separates itself from everyone. Being able to mix fashion and function through products created offers a dynamic value for customers.

“Through innovative functionality and self-engineered technology translated on high-quality fabrics for stylish clothing. Building a brand that creates strong long-term partnerships.

Similarly, It is crucial to challenge the status-quo of e.g. smart functionalities, look & feel of materials, and new technologies. This can only happen in an environment of innovators, creators, and pioneers with a shared mindset such as the F1 motorsports sector”.

Need for speed

AlphaTauri produces clothing fashion and vehicles. Formula 1 racing group Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda featuring France star Pierre Gasly and Japan star Yuki Tsunoda represents the team. This is a big buzz because of the resume of both Pierre and Yuki. In addition, their youthfulness to dominate the sport for years to come is intriguing! 

What Formula 1 or F1 racing is an international auto racing sport. Overseen by the FIA or Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile. The name is Formula is unique. For instance, the rules followed due to the high-speed vehicles in races is where the name comes from. In addition, started in the 1920s in Europe and has grown in popularity with the first world championship happening in 1950. 

AlphaTauri partnered with F1 motorsports. The engagement of AlphaTauri in the premier class of motorsports is a strategical and long-term decision. As a fashion brand, AlphaTauri fuses fashion and function with innovation and the F1 environment allows AlphaTauri to progress and certify its innovations and textile technologies.

AlphaTauri has a database that is used to record and keep all the progress of AlphaTauri. Known as the pioneer hub housing all the AlphaTauri collections since the beginning.

A 3D version of the car known as the AT02 gives you insight into how it was constructed and the function of every moving part. Coming with a V6 turbo engine, with a horsepower of 1600cc and 8 gears this vehicle is not to be played with.  

Living Lavish 

Men and women displayed. One of their collections is The Heatable Capsule Collection. It is a heated technology that you can control and regulate temperature! In other words, it is a heatable product you are in control of for any weather. Included is a hidden power bank for charging devices and water repellent. You can find more of these items on the website.

The Replica Lifestyle Collection released by the F1 team is sold online and every Grand Prix. There are 11 styles to choose from ranging from t-shirts, polo shirts, sweats, and jackets with the colors being a unique navy and white. 


A general overview of their products 3D knit, Taurobran®, Signature collection, Jackets & coats, Knitwear, Sweats, Shirts, T-shirts & Polos, Pants, Hats & Scarves, Wallets & Bags, Underwear, Gift cards, and more. Nike, Adidas, Champion more stand no chance.

The Tools 

AlphaTauri materials are premium. Using fine cashmere, leather that’s smooth, and merino wool of the best quality.

AlphaTauri and Scholler Textile AG use Taurex®. Firstly, through these products it allows customers to be mobile. Secondly, Infrared rays are put into your body as a huge technological component. Finally, Staying fashionable with the sleek material and slim fit. 3D Knit technology is coming for 2022 collections.

Sustainability is the future 

If you want to learn more you can read some great stories on their brand and follow their Instagram page. Buying any awesome items is available in the link provided. If interested in reading about fashion & cars you will enjoy finding out this!

Check out Ahmet’s speech on the 5th edition of our Worldwide Talks!


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