7 Skill-Based Careers in The Fashion Industry
7 Skill-Based Careers in The Fashion Industry
7 Skill-Based Careers in The Fashion Industry


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7 Skill-Based Careers in The Fashion Industry

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Discovering a career that you are best suited for in the fashion industry can be a stressful task that seems to demand a great amount of creativity and strategy.  Keeping up with rapidly changing trends and an audience whose tastes evolve can be daunting, as is landing the right job for you. If you’re paying attention to your skillset or working to build it, there are hundreds of different job opportunities that open for you within the industry. You simply need to evaluate the positions that fit your abilities and skills, or work to gain those same abilities and skills. Do you want to find out which career is right for you? Keep reading!

Careers in the fashion industry

To help match you with careers in the fashion industry, I’ve listed out skill-based jobs that are applicable to fashion.

1. Fashion Journalist/Writer

Being able to express yourself easily through words and written content has just become more fun as it can be applied to your passion for fashion. As a writer or journalist, you can create blogs, work for a publication or brand, or even freelance for various companies.

2. Digital Media or Social Media Specialist

Many people are great at using social media nowadays, so why not monetize that skill? By understanding new social media trends and how to promote products effectively, a digital media specialist allows you to strategically promote your favorite brand on all digital platforms. Having digital media expertise means that your abilities are applicable to a wide range of industries.

3. Sales Representative

Anyone with great sales or customer service skills can leverage those in order to get their foot in the door in the fashion industry. When you have sales skills in your back pocket, you are much more likely to be viewed as an asset.

4. Fashion Merchandiser or Inventory Specialist

As someone who wants to leverage their skills with numbers, being a fashion merchandiser or inventory specialist will allow you to combine that specific knowledge with your passion for fashion. This position entails making sure that a quantity of products is in the proper stores at the right times by monitoring sales and production.

5. Personal Assistant

Getting an entry level position in fashion is decent begging point of entry, as skills obtained from that job can be applied to virtually any industry. With a great work ethic and dedication, being a personal assistant can be a perfect fit for someone who wants to experience firsthand what high-profile celebrities and editor-in-chiefs go through on a daily basis. This position can consume a lot of time with the various tasks you’re likely to be assigned, but if you put your best foot forward, you’ll experience a whole lot on insight into the fashion industry.

6. eCommerce Manager

As online sales are a large part in businesses which are focused on selling products, having expertise with numbers and tracking data will help to qualify you for a role as an eCommerce Manager. Responsibilities include managing and maintaining a retail brand’s online website being able to strategically think of ways to drive traffic and sales through digital media.

7. Fashion PR Expert

Not everyone has the skills to diffuse a situation that a company is involved in, but if you can manage “damage control” with ease or are a master at messaging, then a PR role in the fashion world could suit you well. Someone in this role can serves as “the face” of the company to the public and press, and also focus on building and managing relationships with journalists and influencers, among others. Starting a career in fashion doesn’t necessarily mean you must be a fashionista yourself. The key to landing a career comes from not limiting your point of entry in the fashion industry, rather applying the skills you have today or working to build or hone additional skills that you can eventually apply in a fashion-related role. Do you know someone that might be interested in this content? Share it on your social networks! David Meltzer is the executive producer and host to Entrepreneur’s original show, Elevator Pitch, with nearly 40 million views, and host of the Top 5 business podcast, The Playbook. Watch the Redcarpet Interview & the Panel of Entrepreneurship/ Startup Pitch with David Meltzer at Fashinnovation’s Website Content Section & YouTube Channel. * By David Meltzer, CEO of Sports 1 Marketing




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