September 9th - Biggest Fashion & Innovation Event in the World

5th Worldwide Talks Will Gather +70 Inspiring Voices

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The 5th edition of the Worldwide Talks will take place this Thursday, September 9th, and will offer its global audience a 15-hours of program. Starting at 8 am EST, the event will have 70+ speakers and, among them, big companies and up-and-coming talents.  

With the delta variant of covid-19 surging, we have once again decided to go fully digital. However, that possibly is the best thing for our audience. What is a better way to learn about innovation in the fashion-tech industry than from the comfort of your home? 1 million people who watched our talks in the year 2020 agree with us!

Our attendees will get the chance to learn from leaders from diverse industries. That includes fashion, technology, venture capital and so much more. And most importantly, it is completely free!

Why You Should Attend

Normally, our events can be observed online even when the talk is held physically. However, the fact that everything is taking place digitally means that there is a chance for our attendees to engage more in-depth with our speakers. Meaning, we will have an interactive area, a surprise “game”, a pitch competition, and the opportunity to directly interact with the speakers. With the vaccines quickly being developed, this year might be the last year for our attendees to have this fully digital experience. 

Take a break from your 9 to 5 job, and come get inspired and learn. Our Worldwide Talks may be the reason for you to take a different direction in your career. It may educate you on new technologies to adopt into your supply chain. It may be a wake-up call for you to start a business that you always wanted to start… or it may simply INSPIRE you! Regardless of the reasons for your attendance, we welcome anyone. The only thing you need to provide is your time and engagement!

Previous Worldwide Talks: The Success

The Worldwide Talks has garnered notable faces in the fashion, technology, and innovation industries. We have hosted designers including Diane von Furstenberg,Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden, Dona Karan, Rebecca Minkoff and many others. We’ve also had industry giants such 

The Worldwide Talks is highly anticipated to the point that we have always had over 100 thousand attendees. This year is not going to be any different! 

Anticipated Speakers at the 5th Worldwide Talks

This year, we have over 60 speakers who come from various industries. From political figures and professors to internet sensations and founders, our speakers give the attendees critical insight. What ties our diverse set of speakers together is their innovative quality. They were all willing to create something new and look at the existing issues with a new perspective. 

Of course, every speaker is unique and important, but here are some speakers that I am personally interested in. 

Philip Kotler 

Kotler is an American author and professor who specializes in marketing. As a person who coined the term marketing mix, Kotler earns the title of the Father of Marketing. As someone who has been in marketing class, the theory of marketing mix is very crucial to me and every other marketer. We may be able to hear how marketing has changed in fashion industries and how sustainability plays a role in marketing. 

Paula Scher 

Scher is not only a partner at Pentagram, but also a respected graphic designer. Everyone who is passionate about graphic design and attends American art schools should be aware of Scher’s works. With the spectacular use of typography, Scher has shaped American branding culture. Her noteworthy designs include The Public Theater, Tiffany & Co packaging, and the Citibank logo. 

Camila Coutinho 

From Pernambuco and creator of Garotas Estúpidas, Camila Coutinho was a pioneer among fashion bloggers in Brazil. She studied Fashion Design, but, given the success on the internet, she started to dedicate herself exclusively to the blog, created 14 years ago.

In 2015, she was named one of the thirty most influential young Brazilian women under 30 by Forbes magazine.

Anita Dongre

A trailblazer, Anita Dongre has been at the forefront of Indian fashion for over 20 years, having created one of the most successful fashion houses in India which today employs over 2,500 people directly and provides employment opportunities to thousands more. She launched her brand in 1995. It was born out of the need to create and cater to the fashion choices of an Indian woman at a time where not many brands existed. Today, the House of Anita Dongre proudly boasts of a multi-dimensional portfolio with brands such as AND (sophisticated formal and evening wear for women), Global Desi (India inspired young and colorful boho-chic fashion for women), Anita Dongre Bridal Couture (offering luxury and artisanal bespoke bridal, couture and ready-to-wear). The Anita Dongre label works extensively with the crafts of India under its initiative, Grassroot.

Fashinnovation and its Future

At our 5th Worldwide Talks, we will also officially launch the Fashinnovation Hub, a members-only platform that offers more than just content regarding fashion, technology, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. At the Hub, you’ll have access to masterclasses, consultancy, and, most important of all, business INSIGHTS. The Hub will also have networking opportunities, where the members get to be a part of the exclusive events that could further their careers. 

At the end of the day, the Worldwide Talks builds upon Fashinnovation’s goal to foster a community. The community of future generations believes in making a change in their respective industries through innovation. By attending the Worldwide Talks, you are taking the first step towards being a part of our community! 

Don’t forget to register for the event! You don’t want to miss the opportunity of making history, right?



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