5 Top Trends in Fashion E-Commerce
5 Top Trends in Fashion E-Commerce
5 Top Trends in Fashion E-Commerce


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5 Top Trends in Fashion E-Commerce

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It’s not a trend. Global ecommerce is the way to our future. In 2018 alone, about $2.8 trillion sales occured online and is projected to reach over $4.5 trillion in 2021. Ecommerce represents almost 10% of retails sales In the US alone. Whether you’re a solo designer, high-growth startup or multinational conglomerate, ecommerce is ever evolving. It’s imperative to stay on top of trends. Join FASHINNOVATION on February 13th during New York Fashion Week to hear directly from the movers and shakers of both the fashion and technology worlds. This exclusive event is the breeding ground where new ideas and partnerships are born. Tickets are limited and can be purchased here. What are the top fashion ecommerce industry trends? Industry leaders will be discussing these 5 trends and more at next month’s FASHINNOVATION event.

Lifestyle Photography

Fashion these days is about the lifestyle. Gone are the days of getting by with stock image photos of product alone. It’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell. Online shoppers live with an abundance of options. Literally thousands of basic t-shirts exist. What stands one brand apart from another? Havainas gets it with over 1.5 million Instagram followers. It markets to a wide-ranging market. What trends do they see? Learn from featured FASHINNOVATION speaker Havainas CEO Eno Polo in-person yourself on February 13th.

AR and VR

Augmented and Virtual Reality devices are more and more accessible. Thanks to services like Google Cardboard. Demand for custom and unique experiences are on the rise. Convenience is expected. How will this look on me? What could I pair this with? Technology enables brands to deliver visceral experiences to potential customers. Find out at FASHINNOVATION what you can expect for 2019 and beyond regarding AR and VR in the context of the fashion industry.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been a thing long before it was called unfluencer marketing. In our “B.D. Era” (Before Digital Era), we simply called it word-of-mouth advertising. But digital has enabled explosive growth for tech companies to create platforms capitalizing on influencer marketing. Celebrities and their personal brands are the billboards of today’s digital era. Hear from digital leaders such as Yuli Ziv, CEO at Launch Metrics’ Influencer Division at FASHINNOVATION on behind-the-scenes tech updates and how fashion brands are utilizing the power of tech and data.

Mobile Shopping

Create a desktop website. Then optimize for mobile. This used to be the old pattern. In 2018 though, over 63% of ecommerce purchases happened on mobile. What does this mean? How should tech companies approach the fashion industry? How can fashion companies best utilize mobile technology? Pinterest, a social web app, has over 250 million monthly users. Learn how they’re innovating to stay on top of these mobile trends with FASHINNOVATION speaker and Pinterest Head of Development Vikram Bhaskaran on February 13th.

Seamless Omni-Channel

We all know by now that millennials value experiences. Shopping is an experience. Fashion brands need to be conscious of designing holistic brand journey experiences to attract loyal customers. Seeing a paid advertisement on Facebook, then again on Instagram with a call-to-action which directs to a sale item. What is the consumer psychology behind designing these experiences? How are fashion brands connecting the dots? How are tech companies designing these user journeys? Skookum is an industry leader providing end-to-end solutions for brands undergoing digital transformation to boost efficiency, engagement, and earnings. We’ve invited Skookum Executive Director Greg Reynolds to disclose what’s working and what’s not to help map the future of fashion and tech. Don’t miss this exclusive debrief on February 13th. Fashion ecommerce is ever evolving. Meaning tons of opportunities. Don’t be left behind. Network and connect with the best who are at the nexus of fashion and technology. Tickets are limited. Reserve yours here. See on February 13th!




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