4 Consumer Shifts in Fashion
4 Consumer Shifts in Fashion
4 Consumer Shifts in Fashion


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4 Consumer Shifts in Fashion

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New York Fashion Week is around the corner and people from all over the world have an eye on the city to see what’s next in fashion. There’s a collective shift happening in the industry at-large. Aside from digital paving the way and brick-and-mortar dwindling, we’re seeing major shifts in consumer demands too. We’ll be discussing 4 of these major shifts at FASHINNOVATION on February 13th with leading industry experts such as Louis Vuitton Digital Director Mirko Marcovaldi, WearableX Founder Billie Whitehouse, Mercado Global Founder Ruth DeGolia and many more. FASHINNOVATION is THE place where fashion and technology industry experts converge to bridge the gap and birth the future between these two worlds. Tickets are limited so reserve yours today here.

4 Consumers Shifts in Fashion that will be discussed by fashion and technology experts at FASHINNOVATION

Community-led Brands

We’re seeing a demand in more community-centric brands. Social media has allowed us to form communities based on values and interests rather than geographic location or socio-economic status like in the past. Want proof? Glossier, a beauty brand that started from a blog, raised $85 million in funding and hit $100 million in sales last year. The impact of community on Glossier: 80% of growth comes from peer-to-peer recommendations. Learn how other founders are driving community-led brands such as Mercado Global on February 13th here.

Conscious Consumerism

Shoppers seek sustainability. As environmental and human rights issues in fast fashion are coming into the spotlight, consumers are looking to shop with companies that stand for a mission and ethically go about creating products. Direct-to-consumer platforms are allowing for companies to cut middle men costs, passing those savings on to the consumer and their values. More and more people are becoming aware of how fast fashion encourages modern slavery, and by some statics, affecting about 40 million people around the world with 71% being women and girls. J Crew’s Sustainability Director Gonzalo Pertile will be a featured speaker at FASHINNOVATION. Come hear what he has to say about this issue and consumer shifts. Event tickets can be purchased here.

Diversity and Inclusion

Hello, diversity. Many voices are asking to see more diversity in fashion media and model representation. This ranges from racial to physical diversity including curvy models and plus sizes to models with different skin tones, hair colors, and body shapes. Diversity and inclusion is becoming a niche tactic where brands are being built catering to specific audiences. People want something they can relate to. So if consumers demand it, brands deliver it. Learn how this is affecting advertising, data analytics, influencer marketing, brand strategy, direction and more with Launch Metrics’ CEO Yuli Ziv at FASHINNOVATION.

Discreet Luxury

In our saturated markets, materialism is no longer the only name of the game. Rather, we’re seeing a domination of experience-driven brands leading with missions and values. See #1 above. Companies like Brandless promote staples without overbearing, in-your-face logos. Simple, clean, and inconspicuous describe discreet luxury consumers. Like many trends, it’s a lifestyle – holistically encompassing and reaching each corner of consumers’ daily life. Come listen to how these shifts and more are impacting brands from those who build them like BPCM Co-Founder and CEO Carrie Phillips at the FASHINNOVATION event. That’s our wrap on 4 consumer shifts in fashion. Join us on February 13th for a plethora of more topics to be discussed at FASHINNOVATION. Can’t wait. See you there!




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