2019 Upcoming & Current Fashion Trends
2019 Upcoming & Current Fashion Trends
2019 Upcoming & Current Fashion Trends


Sean Kernan in Mind Cafe

2019 Upcoming & Current Fashion Trends

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Lately it seems that most fashion brands & designers are designing with a “concern for the future” in mind – both from an environmental point of view, as well as political – since it’s recently caused lots of social unrest. Consumers are now taking power into their own hands by realizing that they can start to make their purchasing decisions, for the good. Trending – which we are seeing more and more often, with as an example such as Lord & Taylor shutting its doors in NYC, after over 60 years in business – is gearing purchases more towards domestic brands using locally sourced materials over mass production. Young and emerging designers – such as Imi by Imogen Evans, Niki Srinivasa & KROMAGNON – are booming since they have a focus on native textiles, inclusion, sustainability, etc.
People are now looking for experience rather than the simple art of a purchase. They value brands that they can feel connected to – an example is: vegans looking for companies that are ethically sourced – to stay persistent with what their beliefs are across the board.
Women empowerment is a huge topic worldwide and for good reason. Fashion brands are recognizing this and shifting their designs towards unapologetic femininity. We will see stronger & sharper shapes when it comes to jewelry – which we are used to seeing as delicate. We will see clothing which fits loosely on the body, so that women don’t always feel like they’re being showcased publicly due to fabrics hugging every inch of our body shape. Clothes which resemble armors, so that women feel like superheroes when they go outside, will be more prominent in the market – one designer already doing this beautifully is Layana Aguilar, whom has the mission of empowering women through the clothing they wear. In the last few years we have seen clothing brands make sure there is inclusivity and intersectionality in the fashion industry, with designs made especially for curvy women, people with disabilities, etc. – examples of this done beautifully are Open Style Lab and Universal Standard. This will start to trend a lot more in 2019, with majority of brands – like Aerie did recently – making this a part of their mission. It is necessary that everyone – no matter type, shape, size, color – has the same amount of choices when it comes to what they want to wear, so that they feel like the best version of themselves when presenting themselves to the world. Fashion Tech is something that is growing more and more by the day and in 2019, will become extremely prominent by brands that were born in tech as well as traditional brands whom are just now adopting new innovations. There is a lot happening in the intersection of technology and fashion. New textiles – such as NASA inspired textiles, used by Ministry of Supply – are one of many examples. Tech-embedded products – such as the “jean jacket” by Google Jacquard and Levis – and anything else that may cause sensory overload is the new hype in fashion. All in all, 2019 is coming with lots of changes in fashion via technology, environmentalism, socially & ethically conscious efforts, inclusivity and women empowerment. With these changes taking place in the fashion industry, we are most definitely heading in the right direction to ensure that the world improves in this time of so much fear and unknown.




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